At Sportainability, we pride ourselves on the every day wins, in addition to the large scale successes. Please take a look at some of our favorite moments of pushing past perceived limitations and overcoming adversity through play.

"Sportainability acted as a spearhead in the development and construction of the new singletrack in Erie.

Founder, Chris Wiegand serves on the board of Erie Singletrack Advocates, making sure our open space becomes recreational open space for all human powered sport.

Construction of the trail was launched on Sept 7, 2013. Excel Energy provided dozens of volunteers and we are proud to say we had the largest trail build ever recorded in the world with over 150 volunteersdigging trail at once."

Made possible by the Sportainability Garage Innovation team and Keegan’s audacious spirit to venture into the unknown and overcome perceived limitations.

Erik Weihenmayer has navigated his own kayak throughout the rivers of North, Central and South America, including the Grand Canyon in April 2013.
Our founder, Chris Wiegand is Erik’s guide and coach.

The Sportainability Garage Innovation Team helped create the multi-day backpacking trip opportunity inthe Rocky Mountains, in which they explored ways to navigate high peaks for later International summits.

The Sportainability Garage Innovation team developed adaptations and mentored a progression for this amputee to navigate Class 3 whitewater on his own.

“Almost four years after my accident, I wasn’t able to ride a bike and that was a huge part of my lifebefore my accident. All the doctors really knew what to do was put me on medication. I was really depressed for a long time. Most people don’t know this but I had actually tried to commit suicide about two years into it and I just didn’t see a lot of hope in my life anymore. Then I met Chris and he found out what biking meant to me and put together a piece that he had made in his living room. We tried it out putting the bike pedal on my handlebars and making some adaptations to a wristguard, we tried it out on the path. For me to get back on that was life changing. I was finding me again and there are no words that I can say to thank him. It has given me my life back and given me my freedom back. I am so happy now, I have come so far being able to get on the road bike again and feel that success and accomplishment. All of those things were underlying and they make me feel like a whole person again. Ihave a life again, I have a purpose again.”

After learning to Move|More|Better our dedicated participants learn to push past their greatest physical or cognitive disabilities and begin to become reintegrated leaders in their community. Helping mentor others to overcome their own perceived limitations.

Multiple life interventions. Our goal is to lessen the current epidemic of 21 vetran suicides a day.
We help vetrans reintegrate, move beyond their trauma, and begin to thrive again.