Sportainability International is a 501c3 nonprofit grassroots organization that mentors and creates opportunities for people to move in new ways, more often, better biomechanically and in the great outdoors. We assist the community in becoming inclusive, active, and collaborative to further individual and group success in all aspects of whole life health, through our progressive LifeCycle curricula.
At Sportainability we value play as an inherent form of therapy, utilizing joy to overcome adversity and maximize health. Play compels us to be ourselves, playing together advances trust and collaboration. We mentor individuals to personal freedom through human powered activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, running, paddling and climbing. Educating people to move better and more often, thus increasing opportunities for everyone to enjoy a social, active and healthy lifestyle. Together (and in collaboration with our extensive partnerships), we create an inclusive community where all can thrive while utilizing public lands and the great outdoors.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy a healthy, active and socially engaged life.
Everyone has the opportunity to get out and enjoy life
No one feels isolated or different
Everyone feels capable, valuable and accountable
We utilize the natural joy that comes from playing outdoors to elevate individuals’ emotional and physical health. We take individuals from navigating the great outdoors to navigating the challenges of life.
Identify and pursue individuals to benefit from further integration and immersion.
Help people to overcome their greatest adversity while being physically active.
Provide user specific instruction even in group settings.
Promote whole life health through: nutrition, education/vocation, general health and recreation. *made possible due to our extensive partnerships.*
Provide transportation and accessibility options.