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At Sportainability, we believe running is a valuable, individualized and measurable sport, for increasing confidence, overall health and achievable goals. This year we have run after ensuring that students in our community have the opportunity to enjoy fun, healthy and social running groups and adventure based fitness within their local school. The students are left with challenges to bring this new lifestyle home and opportunities to move to accessible parallel programs on the weekends within their district.

Our youth running and adventure programs are a true community collaboration!

Thanks to parent and staff volunteer mentors at each school we are able to maintain sustainable programs in numerous schools throughout the Boulder Valley and St Vrain school districts. Our adventure and running clubs are managed by the participating school’s PTA and leadership. Sportainability International’s lead mentors provide awareness of best practices for technique and biomechanics, as well a deep foundation in functional fitness, to ensure young developing athletes move in healthy ways to avoid pain and injury in the future. Our foundations in motion apply directly to better learning throughout the students days as many of our active learning challenges allow them to solve complex problems and identify academic and personal goals.

These foundations will pave the way for students to move more efficiently and powerfully in their chosen sports, engage in lifelong running and to establish a healthy, active lifestyle within their families.

Currently we have 11 elementary schools in eastern Boulder County and West Weld County as our pilot programs for spring 2014. We will expand in the fall 2014 to include bike clubs at the elementary schools, while adding schools and 100 mile club opportunities within our community.