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Inclusive Instructional Running Group
We're not your average running group ... we challenge you to think different about how you work within your shoes.

We are the most innovative and inclusive running club you'll ever participate in. You will learn to move efficiently, pain free and with a perm grin.

We are Social. We are Fun. We are free.

We are wanting our participants to rethink the word running and how running groups share and become fascinated with biomechanics and how to improve efficiency.

Join our Moving Classroom, where you will learn to Move|More|Better with a fun, inclusive group!

Whether you have never run before or are a seasoned marathon runner, this group is for you!

Our team will help you run efficiently, pain free and with a smile on your face, though fun challenges and progressive drills for those who choose to lessen miles and participate in drills.

Choose your comfort pace, with groups as fast as a 7-minute pace and people just learning to walk again, we’ve got room for YOU!

Washington Park Rec Center | Denver, CO

Boulder Community Library | Boulder, Colorado

Thursday (weekly raffle with fun gear and race entries)
Jax Outdoor Gear | Lafayette, CO

Sponsored by: Sportainability, Jax Outdoor Gear, Newton School of Running, Erie Singletrack Advocates