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The new Kids Fun Run Adventure Challenge League is only a couple days away from it’s start.

Our team sat back to look at how can we find greater participation in running and active functional fitness, without chasing anyone away. So many races are focusing on distances too great and/or costs too high, which often limits the vision of who the potential participants identify themselves as.

We want to be sure that everyone can complete our races. Watching an entire community recreating in every way, in the great outdoors, is the very foundation to what drives Sportainability.

So it starts with getting out regularly, in a group to help you find new ways to move more efficiently and getting stronger, both mentally and physically. Our running and adventure clubs allow our kids at participating schools to find this once per week (sometimes twice), hopefully taking it home to challenge their parents to get outside with them on the weekends.

We want to see parents with their children, disabled and anyone else that says “No Way, I’m not a runner”. We’re here for you! We will help you identify the fun in motion, while challenging you to challenge and cheer for those around you. The smile that is sparked by your new adventure will glow and your desire to move|more|better, will come to life. Hopefully, you choose to bring more people with you on the next adventurer.

This is not necessarily a race, but much rather a challenge, that you create for yourself to allow yourself to rise to your greatest peak. It’s not about finish time as much as it is on participation and growth on ones own personal records that they work on each and every week. The most important function of this 'race' is as an opportunity to find ways to be efficient and find personal drive in a trail setting surrounded by peers. We have three distinctly different courses, which vary in distance and topography. The trails were specially designed to allow for it’s users to feel playful and like they’re on an adventure. Designed to challenge the mountain biker, these singletrack trails allow the runner to engage the terrain equally as playful as on a bike. Running a berm (banked wall of dirt allowing to maintain speed in a large degree turn) is as fun as on a bike and then the rolling hills allow you to feel like you’re flying.
Popsicle stick races are back!

The brand new Singletrack at Sunset West in Erie, plays host to the inaugural Kids Fun Running Challenge and East County Elementary League Championship.

Three distinct course will allow the participants, based on age to fully challenge themselves, not only in physical, but mentally. Each course is safe, fun and fast, in all the right places.

Distance= 1/2 mile

Starting with a gravel road and wide start line, the participants have 100 meters to spread out to a two lane dirt road that climbs quickly for roughly 100 meters. Followed by a quick 50 meter downhill and sharp turn into a fun narrow rolling trail that winds it’s way back to the finish. Spectators may choose to walk to the summit of Little Piggy Peak to view the entire course, or view nearly the entire battle from the Coal Creek Trail. For those running for records, it will challenge them equally as those walking to find happiness in living this healthy lifestyle and completing a scenic and crowd applause driven course.

Distance= 1.1 mile

Starting with the same start configuration through the first climb over Little Piggy Peak, the runners run further down the belly of the double track finding themselves branching west on the small and gentle climb toward Erie Ridge, where they will roll upwards and wind around to the Peak of Grandmothers House. Rounding Grandmother Peak, they will wind down through the twisted snake trails and across the Meadows Trail to avoid the Big Bad Wolf, with a gentle crossing to the finish chute. Spectators can view nearly the entire race from the Coal Creek Trail

Distance= 2.8 miles

Facing the same start configuration as the other two courses, the Big Bad Wolf takes the runners and walkers on an adventure to avoid being bitten by the fangs of doom that linger between Grandmothers Peak and Little Piggy Peak. It winds and ducks back into the Erie Forest and the serpentine trail, across the Meadow and back to the kettle, where the participants will need to dig down a tiny bit more to find their way back to the finish chute. This one is a bit more difficult to view the entire race as the serpentine and Erie Forest duck behind the middle part of the course. You will be able to view at least 70 percent of the complete course to cheer on your favorite stars.

3.00! You will get a shirt (barring we can attract a local sponsor for the 2014 league shirt) and all finishers will receive a finishers certificate. A race for the whole community regardless on where you’re from!

Sportainability International, Achilles International, Town of Erie, Erie Singletrack Advocates Lafayette Elementary, Louisville area elementary schools, Erie Elementary, Sanchez Elementary, Pioneer Elementary, Ryan Elementary, Black Rock Elementary, RedHawk Elementary (more to come).
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We need you for this special Inaugural Race Series. The focus is on play while running and celebrating growth and not lost in crazy timing systems. Popsicle stick races are back! Please contact us for a way to be involved.